Yongkang Jiaxiao Electric Welding Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd Yongkang Jiaxiao Electric Welding Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
Yongkang Jiaxiao Electric Welding Automation Equipment Co.,Ltd
Product category
  Spot welding machine
  Foot spot welding machine
  Air power spot welding machine
  Projiection welding machine
  Stored energy spot welding machine
  Row of welding machine
  Reticle products manufacture equipments
  Butt welding machine
  Foot Butt Welder
  Air Power Butt Welder
  Air Power Butt Flsh Welder
  Hydraulic Butt Flash Welder
  Seam welding machine
  vertical/horizontal seam welding machine series
  circular seam welder series
  Whole set of special machine
  whole set of stainless steel cistern equipments
  complete sets of solar water heater equipments
  security door automatic welding machine series
  Various welding equipments
  Various welding equipments
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   Yongkang Jiaxiao electric welding automation equipment Co.,Ltd (original Yongkang Jiaxiao Electric welding equipment factory),which is located in Chinese hardware capital-Yongkang Zhejiang,there are 20km from JinLiwen freeway exit,there are 15km from Yongkang railway station, developed traffic,physical distribution is very convenient.
   Original factory was established in 1993,at present the new company covers an area of over 3,000 square meters,buildig area is over 6,000 square meters,which owning a strong team with research and development,produce and sales,above technical secondary school diploma is accounted for 40%,above junior college diploma is accounted for 15% and many master welding technics engineers,mechanical engineers and electrical appliance engineers.
    Our company professional triturating alternating current ,direct current,threephase secondary commutate,intermediate frequency contravariance,capacitance stored energy spot,projection ,butt,seam welding etc resistance welder,and other automation resistance weld,automation voltaic arc welding special hardware, the main products have passed the national strong 3C certification and European CE certification. It is the production base of domestic specialization resistance welder and automatic welding machine. The comprehensive strength and product quality of the enterprise are domestic industry-leading level .
   Fine in quality, complete in after service,professional technical support, make our customers choose without regrets, and use without worried.