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Mid-frequency inverter point convex welder(DIT-280)
To Mid-frequency inverter point convex welder (DIT-280) interested in, click here to feedback your information, we will contact you as soon as possible! Please: + 86 579-87527838

Intermediate frequency welding machine mainly by welding, high precision, large high quality, high requirement of workpiece primarily. More outstanding is he relatively common ac welders to energy saving 20% to 30%, good solve the factory for high-power welder in power supply shortage, power grid volatility larger problems. Intermediate frequency welding is a kind of advanced welding technology, he welding sparks, less firm, welding welding joints smooth surface discolouration, is the enterprise not preferred welding equipment.

Main purpose: it is widely used in aviation, aerospace, automotive, compressor, electrical and other special field of welding requirements.

Model DIT-80 DIT-150 DIT-200 DIT-280
Rated power  KVA 80 150 200 280
Input power V 3φAC
Short-circuit current largest KA 18 30 45 550
When the welding current is the biggest
Load rate for %
20 20 20 20
Max pressure  N 6000 10000 15000 20000
Stretched out arm size  mm 220X400 220X400 300X450 300X450
Electrode trip   mm 60 80 100 80
Cooling water L/min 8 12 12 14
Welding ability  mm
(aluminum two pieces of fold welding)  
2.0+2.0 2.5+2.5 3.0+3.0 3.5+3.5
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