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Flash Butt Welder(UNS-200)
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Adopt pneumatic vertical compression or hydraulic vertical compression, clamping workpiece firm, make welding joint appearance, durable, slag inclusion less.
Novel structure, unique design, good rigidity. Adopting high precision steering mechanism, good abrasion resistance, welding speed, pressurized stability.
Microcomputer controller can achieve to preheating, flash, top of the welding process forging the most accurate control, convenient adjustment.
High magnetic structure, subprime XiGangPian output current is big, energy conservation and environmental protection.
The post-cooling water transformer, the post-cooling water electrode head post-cooling water SCR, improve the life of the equipment.
Widely used in all kinds of wire type, board kind, tube, different kind of the copper, aluminum, iron, stainless steel, high quality welding of metal.
Main technical data and Dimensions



    50% Variation Factor of Nominal Power



    Rated Power Input


    Three Phrase 380±10%

    Rated frequency



    Maximum Welding Power



    Permitted Duty Cycle



    Maximum Short-circuit Current



    Maximum Welding Current



    Electrode Clamping Force



    Maximum Upset Force



    Flashing Speed



    Welding Ability

    die-casting aluminum cress-sectional areamm2


    Exterior Dimension

    w × d × hmm





    Welding preparation

    After the installment and matches of lines and pipes, in order to obtain the good welding effect, please refer to the controller instruction for use, prepare for welding.

    Confirmation of cooling water flow and temperature

    Open water valve to confirm the situation of the flow of cooling water.

    Please use the cooling water which is below the normal temperature of 30, to use the water –cooled cycle should pay special attention . 

    Inadequacy of cooling water or excessive temperature will affect the SCR or the radiator of the transformer, which may lead to malfunction of the thermostat and this will cause the welder cannot be started. In addition, piping system can not be frozen.

    The adjustment of electrode pressure

    The electrode pressure of the welder is adjusted by the pressure screws of oil pump, after loosing the interlocking screws, right-handed (RH) screws will increase the pressure, or vice versa. After the adjustment, interlocking screws should be locked. Make sure that the clamping force is large enough to ensure the electric conduction is good, under the circumstances of intensive upset force, there will no skid or dislocation.

      • Before adjustment, turn on the power source, start the oil pump, startup the pressurized switch on the control box, to turbo-charged the hydraulic system, and then adjust the pressure according to the oil gauge.
      • Before starting the oil pump, confirm that the oil gauge shows within the using range, then next step can be carried on.
      • To adjust the flow to the maximum position (the outermost) according to the use requirement of hydraulic system, after loosing the protective screws, left-handed (LH) screw to increase the flow, or vice versa. After the adjustment, protective screws should be locked.
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